Have you joined our planned giving scheme?


What is planned giving? The planned giving scheme is used by members of our church to donate to the church on a regular basis, usually through a standing order.

Why should I join? The majority of our income comes through the scheme. A regular donation allows us to budget our expenditure based on regular gifts. If you pay income tax we can automatically claim gift aid on your donation through the scheme.

Where does the money go? Donations received through the scheme pay towards all the running costs of the church, this includes:

  • Sustain our clergy – Planned giving allows us to pay our Parish Share which is a scheme used across the diocese to pay for, train and house our clergy.
  • Paying to insure, maintain, heat and light the church building
  • Director Music fees, organists
  • Maintaining the organ and running the choir

How much should I give? There is no one, easy answer for everyone. If you are seeking guidance, the Church of England recommends, based on biblical teaching 5% of income to your parish and 5% to charities of your choice. We are called to love God and our neighbour and our giving is an expression of that love.

How do I join? To join the scheme please speak to Rob Taylor or a member of the Stewardship Committee. Forms can be found in the foyer of the church.