Church Legacy and Church Giving

Church Legacy: A lasting gift to your Church 

Once you have made provision for your loved ones, you have the opportunity to make a lasting gift to God, by leaving a legacy to His church. A gift in your Will to your local church is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can continue to support its mission and ministry within your community.

A gift can be an expression of your gratitude and thanksgiving towards God, and can help keep your local church alive, and help transform its future.

Planned Giving sermon 2020 – RNT

Sermon 4th August on the parable of the rich fool – Planned Giving


Letter to all parishioners: I’m writing now about the financial position of All Saints’ Church. I need to be very direct because for the first time in about 10 years we are highly unlikely to pay the parish share as our available funds will not cover it. Given that the period that the hall is closed is going on into the autumn , so  we don’t have hall hire income , and we don’t have income from events or from the gifts on the collection plate we are still looking at a shortfall of £20 000 from a budget of approx. £100 000.

May I thank all who are on the Planned Giving scheme (giving regularly to the church) and all who have supported the request to make donations. About £3500 has been given to date which is very much appreciated – as are the generous donation that have supported various projects over the last few years such as the roof, organ, sound system, lady chapel wall, kitchen renovation, boiler, calvary….I have always been struck by the generosity of those who look to All Saints’ as their spiritual home.

So when is it enough we may ask? Well one answer may well be about whether we are embracing the teaching of tithing. As Christians we are taught to give a percentage of our income ( 5%) as part of our Christian life.  If 70 people were Planned Givers and each earned the minimum wage and tithed 5 % then our income would be nearly £60 000. Clearly we all have a range of incomes so each gives a different amount. The message I gain is that we can pay our way if those who are newer in the church come into Planned Giving as earlier generations did and whose giving stops when they are promoted to glory.

We are predicting an income from Planned Giving to be £55 000  at the moment.  Churches that have savings or who have a higher percentage of their income from planned Giving are still predicting that they can pay 100% of the parish share this year. It is significant that All Saints is likely to join the churches that can’t.

At this stage of the pandemic we may well be in a better position to know our financial position and make an informed choice about our giving. In my case, I find that I’m spending far less, though I recognise that some will be in the opposite position.

Just before lock down we had our annual Planned Giving campaign. 

If you are not on Planned Giving, yet coming to church, then can I ask you to seriously consider why you are not yet supporting the church in this way? I’m afraid I do need, I believe, to be this direct at the current moment in time.  If you are on Planned Giving but intend to keep donating at the same level then it is useful for us to have a short message to that effect – details below in the message from Deirdre

This page contains various information pages such as the figures, stewardship information, and a variety of sermons that have been preached on this topic over the last few years. It may well be uncomfortable to hear this but the committee members are feeling disheartened that there has not been more response to their efforts so far.  Please do review the documents that have been prepared.

The page also contains, as you probably know, details of giving by text message and information about why we tithe.

All of this is not actually about keeping the water out, paying the bills, supporting when the church’s survival is in jeopardy, or indeed about making a subscription to a charity or maintaining a musical tradition.  At the heart of the Christian gospel is generosity. The challenge is to respond to the gospel, not to find new and more enterprising ways of dabbling in fundraising. Our giving will enrich us, not least because it will liberate us from captivity to the power of money.

A colleague wrote this, “So how do we give? Our giving should be regular, whether or not we are in church, not just when we feel like it. It should be a proportion of what we have at our disposal. A meaningful proportion. A noticeable proportion. A generous proportion. A sacrificial proportion. It should hurt a little in order that we may be sure we mean it! We should notice the absence of whatever is given. Our giving should be decided rather more from the top, rather less from out of the leftovers. Many of us need to abandon the practice of simply adjusting our giving on the basis of what was done in previous years, perhaps undergoing a complete revolution in our attitude in obedience to God’s word. This is a sacrificial part.

Please do make contact if there is anything that you would like to discuss or feedback to me.

Every blessing, Fr Greg


Deirdre writes on behalf of the Planned Giving (Stewardship Committee)

Due to church being closed because of the Covid19 outbreak, the Stewardship Committee have been unable give the usual ‘Reminder’ announcements regarding our 2020 Stewardship Campaign where we encouraged you to consider your ‘Christian Giving & Tithing’.

2020 Campaign Packs containing an informative Stewardship leaflet showing actual Income/Expenditure, our current ‘Bands of Giving’, Response & Gift Aid forms (see attachments) were distributed to all the Congregation.

We give thanks for the responses we have received & the continued commitment by Planned Giving Members but we wonder, if during these difficult times, whether the returning of some response forms have been momentarily forgotten.

We really need to know your responses in order to make more efficient future planning, where not only the financial needs of the Church can be met but also, to enable us to have the resources with which to grow in our Ministry & Mission.

So, whether you are considering joining the Planned Giving Scheme, able to increase your giving or if your giving is remaining the same, please return your form or email Chris Richards ( as soon as possible. Paper copies to , Rob Taylor, c/o All Saints Vicarage, 208 Park Road, Peterborough PE1 2UJ

If you are a Tax payer please do not forget to also complete and return the Gift Aid form. This will enable us to reclaim, from the Government, 25p for every £1 you give at no extra cost to yourself.

Giving is at the heart of our Faith & by your generous Christian ‘Giving’ we can continue to be a ‘Living Church’ in words & actions within the Parish & wider Community.

If you wish to receive more information or talk to a Committee Member, please do not hesitate to contact Father Greg who will forward your enquiry on to us.

With our Blessings & Thanks

From the Stewardship Committee


We very much appreciate all those who support the work of All Saints’ Church through regular donations whether through the envelopes or being members of the Planned Giving Scheme.
Along with other churches, families and businesses our income as a church has been greatly affected by the closure of the building. We have lost income from collections during services, yellow envelopes, hall bookings and income from events.
So we have added an additional way to give to support the ministry of All Saints’ and that is by text.
Text ALLSAINTS to 70470 to donate £5
Texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message
Other amounts up to £20 are possible, so for instance text
ALLSAINTS10 to 70470 to donate £10
ALLSAINTS20 to 70470 to donate £20
Thank you very much indeed. I know it is not always easy to talk about money in church life yet it is part of our life together, as the church has outgoings as we all do,  and churches are not maintained through government or the national church. Could I ask that we think about what we might have added to the collection bowl, put in envelopes, spent at events or preparing for events and make a donation to the church at this time? 

It is also possible to give to the church via online banking and cheques, made payable to All Saints’ Church Peterborough PCC’ and sent to :

The Church Wardens, c/o All Saints’ Vicarage, 208 Park Road, Peterborough PE1 2UJ

Have you joined our planned giving scheme?


What is planned giving? The planned giving scheme is used by members of our church to donate to the church on a regular basis, usually through a standing order.

Why should I join? The majority of our income comes through the scheme. A regular donation allows us to budget our expenditure based on regular gifts. If you pay income tax we can automatically claim gift aid on your donation through the scheme.

Where does the money go? Donations received through the scheme pay towards all the running costs of the church, this includes:

  • Sustain our clergy – Planned giving allows us to pay our Parish Share which is a scheme used across the diocese to pay for, train and house our clergy.
  • Paying to insure, maintain, heat and light the church building
  • Director Music fees, organists
  • Maintaining the organ and running the choir

How much should I give? There is no one, easy answer for everyone. If you are seeking guidance, the Church of England recommends, based on biblical teaching 5% of income to your parish and 5% to charities of your choice. We are called to love God and our neighbour and our giving is an expression of that love.

How do I join? To join the scheme please speak to Rob Taylor or a member of the Stewardship Committee. Forms can be found in the foyer of the church.


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